Following a lengthy discussion we decided that the theme for our second exhibition would be the word Fracture. At first there seemed to be a long list of different ways that this could be interpreted; political disagreement, economic division, the vulnerability of the  environment – but how to turn these abstract ideas into simple visual images?

We each developed our own ideas, which you can see in our individual galleries.

Group work

We often share the studio at Inkberrow Design Centre with Mary and Val from Out Of Line. Mary decided to join us on this project.

We had the idea of creating a single background which we could cut up and each take an equally sized piece to work on. To maximise the contrast we restricted ourselves to only use one colour each.

Nadine printed the background using the cardboard frames Mary had salvaged from her son’s role play games.

Heavy weight white cotton printed with black acrylic paint.

We figured out how best to share out the fabric based on the size of  A4 canvases we would use for hanging.

Splitting the fabric

We each went away to work on our pieces individually

Anna used Red

Anna Barrett

Nadine used Orange

Nadine Tabberer

Jackie used Yellow

Jackie Harley

Catherine used Green

Catherine Howard

Mary used Blue

Mary Smith

and Deb used Purple

Deb Day

The finished work was displayed at the ICHF Sewing for Pleasure / Fashion & Embroidery show in March 2018

Fracture – group work