Anna Barrett, with her adventurous love of colour, texture and new techniques, worked on the element of fire.   She took inspiration from midnight fires on the beach near her home and incorporated ideas from her extensive travels.   Appropriately Anna used ‘hot textiles’ techniques in her work, setting about various synthetics with a heat gun with unique results.

Anna created both three dimensional and two dimensional work; experimenting with the combination of textiles with other media including paper, driftwood and pebbles.

Fire Sticks Found driftwood painted and wrapped with wire and threads.
Fire Pebbles Wet felted around pebbles

Anna created an installation of her Fire Sticks and Fire Pebbles on the beach where she had originally found the materials

Installation of Fire Sticks and Fire Pebbles


Anna used rust dying techniques to create these delicate pieces of silk

Fire cloth rust dyed silk

This complex piece combined charred driftwood and paper with fabrics dyed naturally with tea and rust