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Shared learning

As a group we manage to spend a weekend together in the studio at Inkberrow Design Centre about once a month. This time together is an invaluable opportunity to focus solely on being creative without being distracted by the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life. This is the time we make the most progress on the pieces we are planning to exhibit but we also try to teach each other new ideas and techniques. At our April session (sorry, I’m a bit behind here!) Judy took the lead and showed us a fun way of creating designs which can be used as starting point for further development.

Judy’s design tutorial

Judy came prepared with a slide projector and an array of interesting paraphernalia to work with. She showed us how to trim the materials to size,  trap them between pieces of plastic, and then fix the sandwiches into old slide cassettes.  At the end of the session we knocked off the lights and turned on the slide projector. Below are photographs of some of the images which were projected onto the wall.

I wonder whether you can identify what all of the bits and pieces are. Included are grains of sugar, strips of sweetie wrappers, popped bubbles from bubble wrap, netting used to package fruit, blobs of nail varnish and pieces of old film negatives.


We each took photographs of the projected images on our mobile phones now have a stash of pictures we can work from. The idea is to look for sections of shape and colour which are particularly interesting and then reproduce those focal points as part of a secondary design. The best thing about this technique is that it is quite difficult to predict what the finished image will look like. This removes the pressure of not knowing where to start and enables you to enjoy playing with the materials to hand.

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